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Sometimes, life needs a little more POP, which is something you can find in the web pages of Pop Art Machine — your go-to hub for all things pop culture.

From admiration of arts and photography to an extensive discussion of which Hogwarts House is the best, tickle your brain with thoughts and arguments from the Pop Art Machine.

A Space to Discuss Stuff

You know that feeling: the end of this year’s controversial movies, cliff-hangers of your favorite series, the questionable character of a book, the newest album of your fave artist — all of these call for a discussion, an exchange of thoughts. You just have to talk about these things.

And we offer the space for such discussions.

Pop Art Machine’s articles are in-depth discussions of all facets related to pop culture. We like to talk about facts, myths, analysis, debates, who’s the best character — those kinds of things.

Our writers express their thoughts on the latest star of the pop culture world and they — hopefully — resonate with your opinions.

Join the Heated Discussion!

The best conversations are never one-way. It takes two to hold an interesting discussion (like “Are the Star Wars prequels really worth your time or do they suck?”), which is why you’re invited to add your thoughts, too.

You can write for us! If you’re itching to talk about something, our team is all ears. Submit your opinion on anything within the pop culture category. We’re waiting!

Pop culture will never stop expanding. The same can be said for our opinions. Pop Culture Machine is ready to stimulate POPping discussions that will make your mind go POP!

Meet our Writers

Julia Forrester

This 35-year-old photographer works in the comfort of her own home, inside her photography studio. She has over a decade of experience, specializing in fashion photography. You may have seen her work, and you can spot her in various small fashion shows around California.

When she’s not taking pictures of models and catwalks, she likes to capture snapshots of people whenever and wherever. She loves reading the Humans of New York blog and wishes she was sociable enough to ask random people she finds interesting to pose for her.
Julia Forrester​

Hugh Lawson

When Hugh was a child, his aunt gave him an old PlaubelMakina W67 she planned to throw away. He tinkered with it, learned how to take good photos, and fell in love with photography. Today, the 27-year old magazine writer spends his weekends walking around Los Angeles, taking in both the people and the buildings.

Hugh loves storytelling to his three-year old daughter, but believes anyone can tell a story with pictures if they can do it right. He helps fellow amateurs and enthusiasts learn things about cameras and photography they might not yet know about.
Hugh Lawson​

Jen Watson

You’ll either find Jen in one classroom, where she’s studying for a creative writing degree, or in another classroom, where she heads her college’s photography club as its president. The 22-year-old college student loves arranging group photography sessions on the weekends in nearby locations and once a month in far-away places.

She prefers food and animal photography, which is no surprisesince she loves to cook at home and is a mother to two dogs, Zuko and Katara, and a Betta Fish named Better.
Jen Watson
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